Frequently Asked Questions


 01  What is The Money Max Account?

The Money Max Account is an online, personal education and financial system. It pulls all of your financial accounts into one central location and uses advanced financial strategies to create the most effective, tailor-fitted strategy to help you achieve your goals of freedom from debt.




 02  Is there anything you could compare the Money Max Account to?

Many people have compared the Money Max Account to a GPS device. A GPS calculates where you are on planet Earth and then plots out the fastest, most efficient route to your destination. If the GPS doesn't understand where you are, it can't give you instructions on how to get to your destination. Therefore, the instructions the GPS gives you must be specific to you; they must be personalized.




 03  How soon can you see results?

Anyone that uses the Money Max Account and follows its action steps can pay down their debt significantly faster than scheduled, which results in saving interest they would normally have to pay to their creditors. This means you can begin to experience the benefits of the Money Max Account long before your debts are actually paid off.




 04  Why don't I just do this on my own? 

The Money Max Account is much more than a spreadsheet that tells you how much you've been earning and spending; it is an intricate and detailed program that, in addition to tracking what you've been earning and spending, takes into account all the factors related to your debts (interest rates, terms, payment amounts, balances, etc. etc.) to give you a month-by-month plan for paying off your debts the smartest most strategic way possible. A spreadsheet doesn't do that. We don't doubt your spreadsheet skills, but even if you knew how to account for all the factors mentioned above (and then some), would you really be willing to sit down for hours and hours at least every week to crunch and re-crunch the numbers and figure out what needs to be done each day/month to pay off your debts and save the most interest in the most effective way possible? And every time something unexpected happened, you'd have to rerun all the numbers! There are very few people in the world willing to give up that much time and effort to do that for years on end. Money Max Account makes it easy by doing all the strategizing, calculating, and planning for you. You simply let it know about your income, expenses, debts, and accounts, and the Money Max Account maps out the most effective plan through simple-to-follow prompts. Most clients only spend about ten to fifteen minutes a week in their Money Max Account.




 05  I heard you won an award from Ernst & Young. What's that?

Ernst & Young (currently known simply as "EY") is a prestigious multinational professional financial services firm headquartered in London, United Kingdom and has been referred to as one of the "Big Four" audit firms. In 2008, after weeks of reviewing our company and product, they awarded the creators of this revolutionary financial system the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in the financial services category in the Utah region. Other recipients of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award include Microsoft, Apple, eBay, Starbucks,, 1-800 Contacts, Inc., SkullCandy, Intermountain Health Care, Franklin Covey, and, so we'd say we're in pretty good company. In addition, the Money Max Account was given the Editor's Choice award from Personal Real Estate Investor magazine in 2014.

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